Outstanding Military Member Award

One of the newer ways MVMAA is working to foster support between community and the military is through the "MVMAA Outstanding Military Member Award". At the May 10, 2016 meeting last night, we were very pleased to present this award to TSgt. Dallas E. Root, of the 178th. He is an Ohio State Trooper as his full time profession and was off duty on his way to his job when he came upon an accident.

TSgt Dallas Root- May Award Winner

He was nominated by Chief MSgt. Scott McKenzie of the 178th and the following pertains to his nomination:
"The details of his actions are from an eyewitness account of an Army National Guard, Brigadier General, that happened to be on her way to work as well.  The actions taken are indicative of TSgt. Root and his leadership capability.  He is a long time, proven top performer within our Wing and has always exemplified the qualities of a professional airman."

The details are as follows:
"Yesterday (10 Dec 2015) on my way in to a readiness meeting, I witnessed a very bad injury accident involving three vehicles.  While I was checking on the injured party in one of the vehicles, I noticed what I believed to be an off duty law enforcement officer also on the scene.

This is what I observed. TSgt. Root was on his way to work traveling from Springfield to Columbus on I-70 eastbound when he came upon the accident. He stopped at a safe distance and put visible lighting in his unmarked car and then immediately took charge of the scene. He called for help by radio as he approached the most damaged vehicle. Due to the volume of accidents that morning, this was good as it took about two minutes before 911 answered my cell phone call. When Root approached the most severely wounded victim, she was unconscious and struggling to breathe. Her jaw was clenched closed, so he told me that he stuck a pen in her mouth to assist in opening an airway through her mouth. Once she was breathing, the injured woman regained consciousness and he continued to supervise her while coordinating with authorities and medical personnel to get them to the scene. This had to be difficult because there was another accident that preceded this one several hundred yards ahead of us involving two semis and a fatal accident just about a mile down the road farther from that.

I believe that Dallas Root's actions probably saved this woman's life and definitely prevented further injury at the scene of the accident. With the volume of accidents and numerous emergency response agencies trying to reach the scene of each in dense fog and with lots of traffic, it took some time for trained medical first responders to reach the scene. The immediate medical aid rendered by Root was critical to the positive outcome. His simultaneous command of the scene on a busy highway during rush hour prevented further injury. I was so honored when he shared with me that he was a member of the Ohio Air National Guard."

Please join us in saluting TSgt. Root.